Ho Chi Minh; Ho Chi Minnie

Ho Chi Minh; Ho Chi Minnie
The Four Sisters to the North

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rhesus did a pretty good spa makeover job on Reese Witherspoon. She looks trim, fit, and she has a smile that lights up the night.

The Princess of Orange/Green, Purple/White waving to the crowd.

The divine right of genetic heirs to the throne of France is not abandoned by the Princess of Green/Purple/White, Netherlands. You will have to remarry in the Netherlands to collect your estates in France.

Arthur Dent making whooppee; You have been ordered to abandon the throne room immediately by order of 888/9999 Galactic decree.

The New Pisces, Dark Jupiter-15 moon god, Pluto World Order. The Faggot Jew God bottom of the Jew universe, all. The King of Saudi Arabia should have his head chopped off for bowing down to this piece of shit African god.

On Caturday, 25, 2014, the Married Company of Marvin Ellen Mutt Presents The Cirque Du 888/999


The Jews of Israel and the world had 40 years with their Loki God/dess savior to bring them up to the intellectual level of a son or daughter of Ra. The Star Wars gig is up. Do you accept 23+33 as your tour guide savior of the greater goddess universe?

44/2 will determine if you have a Jew gene in you and if you do, you will go to the extermination camp in your black and white television sets of heaven for a time before you are sentenced to death for being Loki stupid.

The intellectual reason for the unacceptance of Rhesus as the son of God/dess is that a human being could not comprehend the infinite. But in the New Corporate Age of Pisces-Pluto, it is acceptable to accept King David [32] as their Savior, while the Moon God Sin, Jesus [23] could make your basketballs sins and sexual sins cum true. Look at those breeder hips on the cow Jew goddess, Miley Cyrus.

Nazuri monkey: Have you accepted Rhesus as you Nazi Monkey God California savior? Some people will never give up the tit moon goddess Jesus. You have to give them a choice or two to make them understand that their gig is up is they choose wrong.

Some People in the Pluto Corporate New Age Pieces World Order Cannot Take a Trip to Pluto (Aquarius) because the Father Dane God, the stupid one, with the one eye patch, programmed them for a trip to the dark sun moons of Jupiter. Now, they want to crucify the Panchen Lama of Heaven because it is smarter than they are.

For Marion Davies and Lady Bird Johnson, the billionaire industrialists turned out the lights, and the gay boy bands stayed behind to wish them forever, goodnight.

You can lead a Caesar to Solar Temple Married Water, but you cannot force him to drink. Was a Moon Goddess Temple of Babylon: 12. He thought it was Moon God 21, SIN.

The Temple of Dendur

Roman Period
reign of Augustus Caesar
ca. 15 B.C.
Country of Origin Egypt, Nubia, Dendur, West bank of the Nile River, 50 miles South of Aswan
Aeolian Sandstone
L. from gate to rear of temple 24 m 60 cm (82 ft.)
Credit Line:
Given to the United States by Egypt in 1965, awarded to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1967, and installed in The Sackler Wing in 1978
Accession Number:

The Godmother, in-law house.


Has Jamacia, the dark soul of Africa, accepted the 100 steps to Confucius heaven as your personal savior? Let the dead in Confucius rise up from the earth in Jamacia from heaven and not from New Y City, Babylon tunnel hell.

Greater is he and she who live in married sin than is he or she who live in a Dragon-headed convent or pigheaded monetarist world:12/21.

Marvin Ellen Muth, the Martian, declares the Karaite Jews of America to be the stars of Zion, and declare them and their merged Athena-Socrates Temple in the 20 degree California progressive rotation to be the gospel of California and the intellectual spiritual world.

When a lower sorority house fellowship is gone, there are five others to carry on.

The Dark Lords of the 9 Corporate Worlds would like to pick on intelligent women and make them compulsive and anorexic in order to make them intellectual slaves to the Dark Boar God temple in the Norse land. Denmark, Hollywood faggot Judaism at it lowest, the kroner homeland of the red-headed pharaoh, Rameses II

Beatle mop die, and join the Danish Beatle flock in heaven.

Marvin Ellen Muth, the Martian, and the enlightenment of Thor, the Death of Loki, and the Death of the 9 Dark Lutheran Corporations of Jewish-Danish-Christianity

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In the movie, Cat's Triangle, the white hares, the white cats, and the white mice try to take over the world with their own DMT derived molecule composed of greed, paranoia, and ambition. This molecule makes your inner television set stay tuned to black and white.

Cat's Triangle: Ice-11, I love you: A movie adaptation of Cat's Cradle. When your brother and the neighbor hood punks kill you, you get a lot of flowers at the hospital from their parents.

 Ice-11 is a molecule derived from the DMT molecule that looks into your colorful past and takes you back into your womb fantasies before there was a mommy and a daddy and a brother and a sister that may have or may have not have loved you.  My brother threw a typewriter at me when I was three years old, and I did not wake up out the psychological trauma until I was five years old. He only broke my leg, but that injury would have put my parents in jail if the police had pressed charges against them.  At the age of six, my brother threw a rock at me and hit me in the head.  It killed me, but I resurrected from the dead a few seconds after the hit. My brother is a psychopathic killer.  I a not afraid to tell you that I do not love my brother or my sister or my relatives, who claim to be Christians, but worship your misery and discomfort with a psychotic grin or a smile.

The more curves that bend will make the nerd population in your high school afraid of Lord Vader and women. Yoda will become the Star of Bethlehem in their night astronomy skies.

This Jesus scare tactic will keep you sanity and your virginity intact until you graduate from high school.

Sometimes the Jesus losers try to put you under their feet; push and shove a faggot is usually a death match to the end. If you can't stand the sight of Jesus blood, The Cat... will not appear in your resume.


Natasha, you should try this hardball pitch with a Iridium-Be2(SiO)4 ball at the United World anti-One World Trading Center. Two strikes in one, if you build it, they will run like hell to get out of New York City.


The Cat Who Walked Through Time Travel Walls

This cat has been around the block a few times, but my spiritual patriarch/matriarch is Egypt. I am home there.  I am Ibis, in the Lotus Pond with a water university below me and a light university above me in the heavens.  I walk through these walls of time like they were made of platinum/silver.  I find peace in this land like no other in the world.  You cannot travel correctly through walls of time unless you are an English magician, therefore the Great Throne of Horus, the Falcon Eagle, is AmeriKKKa.  Obama said that he is the greatest assassin in the World, but that is a title held by the Fifth Reich of Heaven.  We murder our weight in diamonds in the seat of NATO power in Brussels.

Our numbers in Dynasties in Egypt are 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, less the Dark Lords and Ladies of Israel, 2014.  We kill darkness like they were flies buzzing around the head of Jesus on a pole, the Lord of the Flies, the lord of all the sins and evil in the world that were forgiven and not brought to justice and Amon.

I met my Dark 5 Purple Companion in Australia, and we had a good ride in the world last night: Day 100 in the Phonetician Calendar Book Club.