Ho Chi Minh; Ho Chi Minnie

Ho Chi Minh; Ho Chi Minnie
The Four Sisters to the North

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Federalist Resurrection Party of Mississippi

When the Federalist Party of Mississippi helped to elect Barack Obama to the White House, we expected significant change, a publicized visit to Area 52, Hawaii, a look at the Roswell incident and the 124 alien symbols on the Drone God/dess, Japanese Empress II space aircraft.

The Federalist Party of Mississippi had to go to the Library of Alexandria to  publish these alien symbol finding because the LBJ/Nixon Cotton Picker in the White House knew that America would win WWIII if an informed spiritual public knew the truth about the engine less saucer holding a family of

aliens who had the DNA of African pygmies in Burundi.

Impeach is too mild manner a word to describe a psychopathic Joker Card of Israel.

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